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Tec Side mount Diver Course

Tec Side mount offers the same benefits as the PADI Side mount Diver course, but gives you the opportunity to dive with 2+ cylinders for extended dive times or long and deep deco dives
The Tec Side mount Diver course is a great way to get started into technical diving because the skills you learn in this course will train you to handle multiple cylinders on a single dive. You can combine what you learn in the Tec Side mount Diver course with other open-circuit Tec courses that you take, or certifications you’ve already earned, to take advantage of side mount’s cylinder configuration and handling advantages.  And we do the TEC 40/45/50 course in side mount configuration.
It’s a great way of diving

To begin
Do your course registration and receive your PADI sidemount Diver and Tec sidemount Diver Manual . Before you meet with us to go through the most important points, you can read Chapter One. If you read into the topic in advance, you are better prepared for the use of your sidemount gear.
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