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Side/Tec sidemount

Sidemount Diver :

You do not necessarily have to carry the scuba tank on your back to explore the underwater world. Many divers have found that it is more convenient for them to carry their scuba tank (s) to the side. sidemount Diving offers you more flexibility and options to improve your streamline. Plus, you do not have to run around with heavy tanks on your back - just get in the water, attach bottle (s) and go. Does that sound interesting to you? Then sign up for a PADI Specialty Side-mount Diving course.
If you are a PADI Open Water Diver and you are at least 15 years old, you can take a PADI Specialty Sidemount Diving course.

As part of the many benefits of scuba diving with a sidemount configuration, you will learn during a dive in "confined water" (ie in a swimming pool or in a restricted and sheltered area in open water) and in three open water dives:
  • Properly assemble and configure diving equipment for sidemount diving
  • Trim out your weight system and equipment to find the perfect balance underwater
  • When carrying two bottles, switch from one second stage of your regulator to the other second stage to manage your breathing gas supply
  • When sidemount diving properly respond to potential problems
There are credit options! The first dive of this PADI Specialty course can be counted as an Adventure Dive on your Advanced Open Water Diver certification - ask us for credit options.

Diving equipment
You use your own diving mask, fins and diving suit. We will explain the equipment you need for sidemount diving; these includes a sidemount scuba-configured harness, and scuba tanks, each with its own regulator and pressure gauge.

To begin
Do your course registration and receive your PADI sidemount Diver and Tec sidemount Diver Manual . Before you meet with us to go through the most important points, you can read Chapter One. If you read into the topic in advance, you are better prepared for the use of your sidemount gear.
If you are interested in Tec Diving, read Chapters Two and Three, which refer to the Tec sidemount Diver Course.
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