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Discover Rebreather

PADI Discover Rebreather Course
The PADI Discover Rebreather program is a great way to try a rebreather before making a commitment to the purchase of a unit.  This non-certification course allows you to make 1 dive on one of the rebreathers in a confined/open water environment.  With a maximum depth of 10m, the PADI experience is purely an introduction to and a try and dive experience.
New Type T (Technical) rebreathers are lightweight, easy-to-transport and have sophisticated electronics to simplify their use. Why dive a rebreather? You get longer no stop limits, reduced gas consumption because you reuse most of your exhaled gas, and unmatched wildlife encounters because you don’t release annoying bubbles.  We bring you in to the The oceaan, So go and see for your self.

This is a 1/2day course with 1 dive.
  • Advanced Open Water Certified Scuba diver
  • Minimum Age 18
This course is a rebreather discovery experience with a maximum depth of 10m.

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